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Can I use a single FM service provider for all my requirements?

Things to consider when choosing whether to offer all your FM requirements to a single supplier. Ensure they have processes in place and you can benefit.


In today's fast-paced business environment, efficient management of facilities is paramount. As businesses grow and diversify, their range of facilities needs expands, leading to an important question: Is it feasible to have one single Facilities Management (FM) provider catering to all requirements? The answer is a resounding yes, and the reasons extend far beyond mere convenience.

1. Cost Savings

  • Economies of Scale: Using one FM provider allows businesses to benefit from economies of scale. Contracting multiple services from a single provider usually brings about bundled services at discounted rates.

  • Reduced Administrative Overhead: Managing contracts, invoices, and service level agreements from multiple providers can be a logistical nightmare. Consolidating these with one FM provider can significantly reduce administrative costs and efforts.

  • Predictable Budgeting: With a single provider, forecasting budgets becomes simpler and more accurate. There are fewer variables and unexpected costs when you’re dealing with one comprehensive contract.

2. Single Point of Contact

  • Streamlined Communication: One of the biggest advantages of using a single FM provider is the establishment of a unified communication channel. There's no need to remember different points of contact for various issues; one call can address everything.

  • Faster Issue Resolution: With a single contact point, issues can be directed to the right department or expert swiftly without the runaround.

  • Consistent Accountability: A singular provider means there’s clear responsibility. This ensures that accountability isn’t passed between multiple vendors, leading to quicker solutions and fewer instances of 'passing the buck'.

3. Standardised Procedures

  • Uniform Service Quality: A single provider will have standardized procedures across all their services. This means whether you’re dealing with HVAC, security, or janitorial services, the quality and approach will remain consistent.

  • Training and Compliance: One FM provider ensures that training, compliance checks, and certifications are uniform across all services, leading to fewer gaps and oversights.

  • Continuous Improvement: With consistent feedback loops established for one provider, it’s easier to implement improvements. Over time, this means your facilities management becomes increasingly efficient and tailored to your specific needs.

In conclusion, while the thought of consolidating all FM needs with one provider might seem daunting initially, the long-term benefits in terms of cost savings, streamlined communication, and standardised procedures make it an advantageous decision. Businesses should, however, ensure that their chosen FM provider has a proven track record across all required services to reap the maximum benefits. With the right provider, it becomes less about managing facilities and more about optimising them. 

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