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What is Total Facilities Management (TFM)?

We often get asked, what is Total Facilities Management or TFM? Here we outline what constitutes TFM and some of the benefits of adopting this strategy.

... and why is it important

All businesses require several support services to ensure smooth and efficient business operations. In this article, you will be exposed to what total facilities management entails and its benefits. 


According to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), "facilities management is the organization function which integrates people, place, and process within the built environment to improve the quality of life of people and the productivity of the core business."

Total facilities management (TFM) can therefore be described as the process of combining and integrating all facility management services into a single contract and under a sole supplier to unify all service provisions, thereby reducing operational time and costs. 

The increasingly complex nature of organisational design and the high tech associated with control and communications within and outside most organisations have created a necessary demand for professional facilities management. Many large organisations and SMEs believe that facility management merely revolves around the upkeep of their buildings. For this reason, they tend to give out individual functions such as cleaning, security, and electrical services to separate contractors. Some might even consider giving it to willing employees with measurable knowledge and skill set. 

While this approach may sound simple and appealing at the onset, it is generally chaotic and less productive than total facilities management because of the relatively large number of contracts to manage and the potential for duplication in budgeting and billing. 

However, when your organization's TFM needs are outsourced to the right sole supplier, you can rest assured that your valuable assets, including infrastructures, equipment and property, inventory, and other operating systems, will work harmoniously and be adequately maintained to meet organizational goals. Total facilities management ensures that you and/or your clients are relieved of all risks and responsibilities associated therein. With these hurdles out of the way, you can concentrate fully on running your business in a safe, comfortable, productive, and sustainable environment. 

While choosing a suitable total facilities management supplier for your organisation, it is important to consider the following:

  • Range of services provided.
  • Available equipment, technology, and workforce.
  • Suppliers’ commitment to quality.
  • Client relationship and communication.
  • Company license and insurance.
  • Risk management.
  • Sustainability.

At Homyze, we are known for being a top-rated total management facilities company. As your sole supplier, you are guaranteed effective and sustainable solutions to your facilities management. Our team consists of experts who have full knowledge of your organisational needs and requirements and are sufficiently equipped with the expertise and technology required for the various service provisions that your company needs. 

We provide a wide range of hard and soft management services to organisations. These include:

  • Building engineering services.
  • Fabric maintenance.
  • Electrical/mechanical installation and maintenance services.
  • Planned and preventative maintenance services.
  • Emergency and reactive maintenance services.
  • Portable appliance testing.
  • Fumigation and pest control services.
  • Water treatment services.
  • Painting services.
  • Roofing services.
  • Health and safety services.
  • Asset and system management services.

Soft services include:

  • Cleaning services.
  • Landscaping services.
  • Security services.
  • Ground maintenance.
  • Logistics and help desk provision.
  • Reception services.

Benefits of Total Facilities Management

Single point of contact 

You will agree that managing the various facilities in your organisation by outsourcing to a sole supplier is a lot easier than traditional facilities management. With TFM, you are poised to save time and effort that would have otherwise gone into managing and monitoring separate tasks.


A unified solution affords a substantial reduction in the cost and hassles of managing individual contractors. It also ensures that duplication of operational costs is minimised. Additionally, non value-added tasks such as rework due to inefficient and inexperienced service providers are eliminated. 


TFM has the range to adapt to changing environments.

Performance tracking

Investing in the right supplier to take care of your organisational facilities management needs and requirements gives you the opportunity/platform to track the performances of all the various services provided to make necessary adjustments. This serves accountability and documentation purposes. 

Improves business efficiency 

The correct management of all the facilities of an organisation serves as a welcoming boost to the workers’ morale. It ensures that all properties are in good condition and that the health and safety of the employees are not compromised in any way. Consequently, the productivity of employees increases, and this reflects on the overall efficiency of the organisation. 

Ease of transition 

Transitioning from in-house management or individual contractors to TFM is smooth and simple. This is especially the case if you have outsourced your facilities management requirements to the right sole supplier—no data loss during transition.

Fixed price good for budgeting

Unlike traditional facilities management, TFM often comes with a fixed price. This is an advantage in terms of preparing the company's budget. An estimate of operational costs can be predetermined and strictly followed all year long. 

Security of business operations 

The breakdown of any company asset can cause significant disruptions in business operations. With this in mind, a smooth-running system of operation is therefore of utmost importance. With your TFM outsourced to the right supplier, your assets and facilities are well maintained, and potential damages are prevented.

All your management info is in one place

Management information on all services provided is made available in a single piece, and as a result, decision-making within the organisation is faster.


A sole supplier guarantees the delivery of an equal level of quality in all services provided. 


At Homyze, we believe that extensive collaboration with our clients in delivering results-oriented TFM is key to ensuring smooth and efficient business operations. Our team of experts is committed to providing exceptional TFM solutions that meet the stringent requirements of today. We have vast experience and range as we have been privileged to have worked with several organisations and SMEs from different sectors such as transport, sport and leisure, education, healthcare, retail, commercial, corporate facilities, manufacturing, automotive industries, and much more. 

Our hard and soft facilities management services have great reviews from various clients. These services are tailored to your organisation’s specific requirements, and our rates are highly competitive.


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