Creating safe places to work

How to ensure a safe return to the workplace in the face of the coronavirus and COVID 19

RE: Start - Working safely during coronavirus in offices and contact centres

Building tomorrow's safe environment for continued productive work

Homyze offers a range of services to allow you to safely return to work in these ever-changing and challenging times. The services listed cover all aspects of the Government's published dossier "Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19) in offices and contact centres"

Risk Assessment

Full identification of hazards and assessment of risks

Full Sanitation Clean

Advanced clean and disinfection of all workspaces & facilities

Socially Distanced Work Zones

Supply and installation of signage and taped distancing (Includes closing off any unnecessary communal gathering spaces)

First Defence Systems

Supply and installation of sneeze screens, hand sanitisers, 'no touch' bins and wipes

Vacant System Checks

Full inspection and testing of your office mechanical and electrical systems to ensure everything is running as it should

Regulatory Checks

Review and issue any lapsed buildings certification to ensure your building is safe

Desk and IT Relocation

Reconfiguration of office layouts to maintain safe working distances

Life Safety System Checks

Full inspection of fire alarm and smoke detection systems

Ongoing Maintenance

Reduce emergency call outs with regular maintenance checks

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