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Why you should outsource your call handling and helpdesk needs

Outsourcing call handling and helpdesk requirements means you can focus on core business functions, increase service levels & save considerable expense.

Do you think DIY call handling is more efficient and delivers the best results? If yes, then you should think again. Did you know how big businesses in different industries offer the best customer service? They outsource their call handling and other tasks. According to NewVoiceMedia, businesses lose more than $75 billion every year due to poor customer service. Many business leaders with successful careers suggest that hiring a professional company rather than employees saves time, effort, and generates better results.

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If you compare the operating efficiency of a business that outsources their tasks to a professional team with the one that handles every operation in-house, you will find a noticeable difference. Companies that outsource their tasks reduce workload from their employees and boost revenue by focusing on important tasks. If you are still not sure about how outsourcing your call handling to a professional service provider can boost your business, you must read this article. This piece discusses the challenges faced by companies with 24/7 operations and how businesses can improve their customer service levels.

Why Most Companies are Not Set Up For 24/7 Operation

Business owners think that keeping all the tasks in-house will boost business performance. However, this is not true. When business owners decide to handle 24/7 operations, they are over-burdening their employees.

1.     Open All Hours

Global businesses have to manage their tasks around the clock according to their target audience. In this case, business owners and employees will stress out handling critical tasks. Imagine how stressful it would be for your employees to communicate with the customers while managing other tasks simultaneously. Shifting from normal working hours to a 24/7 schedule will negatively influence your costs and logistics. Needless to say, opening all hours can be tiresome and less productive.

2.     Staffing Options

Recruiting employees for call handling can be challenging for human resource management. The first challenge would be finding the right candidate according to the job. Secondly, the recruits require proper training sessions. However, this doesn’t guarantee that the employee will perform well. After all, customer service is a critical job in a business. If the recruit won’t be able to communicate with your audience with a calm and relaxed tone or fails to provide the best solution, it will reflect on your sales. Therefore, hiring a professional team with high-end communication skills will represent your business well.

Collaborating with a service provider for call handling is a cost-effective yet productive method. Outsource team will filter your calls as well, which offers a great deal of convenience. So, if you want to increase business reputation in the market, you should consider hiring a customer service provider.

How Outsourcing Can Improve Employee Welfare, Customer Service Levels?

Employees can effectively focus on limited tasks and overburdening can result in low performance. Therefore, if you want to improve your customer service, outsourcing would be the best option. To help you understand what outsourcing will bring to your business, we are sharing some benefits:

1.     Improved Costs

By outsourcing your customer service to a reputable partner such as Homyze, you will reduce massive internal overhead costs. Outsourcing teams already have all the equipment to handle operations. For instance, they have qualified employees, workstations, and high-speed internet. Furthermore, outsourcing will keep you connected with the professionals in the market. Think it like this way, the outsourcing company is handling calls for years, meanwhile, you have just started. So, if you want expert suggestions and support to improve quality control processes, reduce costs, and access state-of-the-art technologies, you can consult with a service provider.

2.     Flexibility and Adaptability

Outsource companies such as Homyze have experienced teams and they can manage high volume calls during peak hours. Therefore, they’ll give you a huge return compared to in-house customer service department.

Keep in mind that hiring a service provider, you would be unaware of customer service progress. A reputable company such as Homyze will keep a transparent relationship with your business. This indicates that they’ll communicate everything with you and your managers for the decision-making process. Furthermore, they’ll provide customer data so you can easily target potential customers.

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3.     Specialized Industry Knowledge

Outsourcing companies recruit employees according to their skills and capabilities. They have a strict recruitment process because they hire employees with the market knowledge and know-how to interact with potential customers. Most of these employees are experienced in working in customer service for years. They also offer bilingual agents to connect with customers. As a result, they can increase your customer service level and get more prospects l.

4.     Experts and Quality Monitoring

Outsourcing companies store recording or chats for quality assurance. They review the recordings to evaluate their employees’ performance. Also, they have experts in the field who listen to different agents and review their overall performance. Some teams will extract valuable data from the recordings and share it with your business. That way, marketing teams in your business can use correct information to interact with potential customers and run social media campaigns using the right attributes.

5.     Reporting

Outsourcing companies also share reports with their clients. This means that you can consistently keep the service provider accountable. The team will send daily, weekly, and monthly reports, so you can evaluate the performance. Reporting requirements depend on your needs. As a result, you get complete control over report scheduling and data received.

6.     Improved Customer Satisfaction

Outsourced companies understand how customer service reflects on business growth. Therefore, they use the latest tools and technology to boost business performance. An outsource business manages multiple communication channels including live chat, voice, email, and chatbots. These features drastically increase customer satisfaction and save a significant amount of money.


Your business can improve customer service levels and employee welfare by outsourcing customer service to a reputable company. Homyze is a perfect business solution and offers a wide range of services to its customers. If you want to boost business growth and target the right audience, contact us on 0203 808 5466 and discuss your needs.

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