What does a maintenance / FM helpdesk do?

A helpdesk means you can have a centralised place and process to log maintenance issues and employees can focus on, for example keeping customers happy.

A helpdesk is a team of support specialists and your go-to professionals when you need technical assistance and support for facilities management. Your helpdesk is also responsible for addressing any user issues and answer any queries in a timely and professional manner.

If your business is seeking a support team for FM/AM operations, maintain and repair your systems and interact with end-users, it is time that you look into hiring a helpdesk professional or team. The added advantage is that they take care of your system while training users about basic computer functions and systems.

That said, it is imperative that you hire trained helpdesk personnel for impeccable system and customer support.

Skills Your Helpdesk Specialist Needs

Helpdesk support teams are task managers specializing in finding and creating solutions for unexpected issues. They also collaborate with multiple departments and teams, so they must have good communication skills. The right helpdesk specialist will take ownership and make sure that they complete all assigned tasks adequately and on time.

Here are some essential skills every helpdesk personnel must possess:

  • General knowledge about computer systems, network management, and PC repair and maintenance
  • Quick and critical thinking with resourcefulness to troubleshoot critical facilities management issues as they arise.
  • Ability to configure, deploys, and support desktops, mobile devices, and operating systems.
  • Stay updated on information security and implements them accordingly.
  • Strong drive to offer impeccable customer experience and support
  • Provide awareness about prioritization of tasks, budget, timelines to the departments and stakeholders.

Different Types of Helpdesk Teams

There are three primary types of helpdesk teams. Let us have a quick look at them.

Desk Side Team

The deskside team is known as desktop support. This team is mainly responsible for issues pertaining to facilities and assets. The helpdesk is responsible to assign a team for any second-level desk-side problems that the first contact team could not solve.

They also configure and set up computers for new users, and also perform physical legwork associated with FM issues.

Other Teams

Based on the business’s needs, it may have other teams. For example, a telecom team takes care of telephone infrastructure including voicemail, VOIP, PBX, fax machine, and modems. Plus they also assist in assigning telephone numbers and configuring and setting up your voicemail.

Companies using custom application software may have an application team responsible for developing in-house software for the company. The helpdesk assigns an application team to find software bugs.

Helpdesk Software

The helpdesk uses software solutions to perform various tasks for day-to-day operations. When looking for a helpdesk solution, make sure it has the following features.

  • Incident Logging

A log incidents option allows the helpdesk team to solve issues requiring immediate attention.

  • Service Requests

A system that can manage requests for facilitating FM services, such as catering for events and meetings. The helpdesk can capture requests via a self-service portal.

  • Tasks

Helpdesk software allocates tasks to address a service request or an incident. You can also use the software to assign different tasks to different teams. The best part is the coordination of managing all tasks from a single screen.

  • Managing Spaces

Maintain details of building and assets in each part of the building, including rooms, communal areas, and link the assets with each request to facilitate working sequence. You can even associate a particular area with an asset.

  • Facilities Management

Helpdesk software contains all the tools and features essential to support the safety, functionality, and sustainability of your infrastructure, building, and real estate. Other facilities management advantages of using an adequate FM solution are lease administration, lease management, project management, project planning, and accounting.

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs)

You can use a helpdesk software solution to manage your service-level agreements with vendors as well as clients/customers. These SLAs will help you define what services you can provide to a business or partner. Similarly, if you are the one hiring a vendor, an SLA will define the service standards a vendor must provide.

  • Setting the KPIs

A helpdesk solution allows you to set certain key performance indicators (KPIs) to maintain performance and customer-centric facilities. This enables you to offer impeccable support activities and customer services. Some of the KPIs include issue resolution rates, first response times, customer-facing metrics, and customers’ satisfaction levels.

  • Plan Maintenance Activities

You can use helpdesk software to set up or schedule regular system checks and any other preventative measures. The software automatically assigns each task to the relevant team and the team can inform when the job is complete.

  • Self-Service

You can now reduce your helpdesk’s workload and improve user satisfaction by offering a self-service portal. This area is a place for employees to log in and add a request, check available resources, and get instant answers to various needs and questions.

  • Reactive Maintenance

You get efficient at reactive maintenance i.e. repairing any equipment, service, or facility after it has already broken down. A customized FM solution will allow you to focus on restoring malfunctioning equipment into operating conditions with the lowest downtime possible.

Ease of Use

A decent helpdesk software solution will be intuitive as well as easy to use. The portal has a clean interface with easy-to-understand and user-friendly actions and features. Additionally, request forms are quick and easy to complete. You can even manage incoming requests in queues based on their priorities.

The Customer-Centric Benefits of Using a Facility Management Software

Apart from all of the above-mentioned features to improve the efficacy of your building and its operation, here are some of the benefits that your customers will enjoy.

The enhanced efficiency will help you run your facility/building like a well-oiled machine that will translate into a seamless experience for your customers.

As your operations run smoothly, the staff will have more time at hand to look at ways to improve the functionality of equipment and operations. This will automatically help boost the productivity of your staff.

The quick resolution of customer’s complaints or problems will help them carry out their duties without any major interruption. It will help you create a better perception as a business and service provider.

The sooner you resolve a customer’s problem, the better perceive you as a business and service provider.

An FM will allow your users and customers to have access to an extensive and strengthened library of information. Additionally, they will be able to create their own service tickets, resolve certain issues via real-time support.


If your business is considering deploying a helpdesk team, the above-mentioned information will help you choose the right team and solution as per your needs. Homzye can help you put together a solid helpdesk solution to handle all your maintenance tasks and streamline the entire mechanism.

If you would like to discuss your options for planned maintenance and stay on top of the latest trends in facilities management, get in touch.

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